MIUI V3.12.6 w/V5 icons

MIUI V3.12.6 w/V5 icons
MIUI V3.12.6 w/V5 icons - Image 1MIUI V3.12.6 w/V5 icons - Image 2MIUI V3.12.6 w/V5 icons - Image 3 


This is a super smooth rom. The Chinese market and related Chinese apps have been removed. The rom is prerooted (meaning you will not lose root). I used Safestrap version 3.75 to install (other versions may work).Install into slot 1. Enjoy!

Note: there are four additional apps Chinese related that can be removed in settings/apps/downloaded.
Edit: I've added the apk file for installing Google play to this rom.
Edit II: I've added a working Xperia keyboard to the files (see screenshot pic) 
flash with CWM or Safestrap.