SPICE Mi_535- Lollipop V2 Flash File

Lollipop V2
Lollipop V2 - Image 1Lollipop V2 - Image 2Lollipop V2 - Image 3Lollipop V2 - Image 4Lollipop V2 - Image 5Lollipop V2 - Image 6Lollipop V2 - Image 7Lollipop V2 - Image 8Lollipop V2 - Image 9Lollipop V2 - Image 10 



  1. Android 5.1 ( Clone)

  2. Full Android L Themed

  3. Fixed Quick status bar

  4. Dolby 

  5. Cards Like Menu

  6. Xtreme Booster Inbuilt

  7. CPU control Inbuilt

  8. Working Heads Up Notification (Inbuilt)

  9. Included Omni Switch ( U will definitely luv this feature)

  10. Change LCD density (Inbuilt)

  11. Status Bar swipe ( Access status bar in full screen apps)

  12. Cards like recent panel

  13. Totally Optimized ROM

  14. Android L Calculator

  15. Material Design Whatsapp

  16. Included Gmail, Google Maps etc

  17. Lollipop Themed Stock Dialer ,contacts, Messaging apps 

  18. Lollipop Spice stock Logo

  19. Enhanced Boot Animation

  20. Notification Equalizer

ANd lots MORE………………


  1. Navigation bar not working.. ( Dont use soft key option in settings please i will fix it soon)
  2. OTG Working with a OTG helper App which is in the ROM.

How to use OTG helper App-

  1.  Connect OTG cable, pen drive etc. and open OTG helper app. the click on MOUNT.
  2.  Now thats it. Open any of the root file explorer like es file explorer , root explorer etc. and go to    Root> Storage > UsbOtgDrives  There u will find ur attached otg files..
  3.  U can select automatic mount in OTG helper app settings so that u dont need to open app everytime when u attach otg.